Saturday, 29 December 2012


Welcome to my blog. I've recently discovered the world of e-publishing. I've been creative writing for most of my life though recently, since I retired from the military, I've made a concerted effort to get published. I won't go into the trials and tribulations of that, nor will I talk about the small collection of rejection letters I've got.

I've published two novels so far. Both of these were in the works for some time, though it took the concept of independent e-publishing for them to see the light of day.

The first one, which is actually the second novel I completed, is a realistic suspense thriller with a bit of a kinky sex angle. It's set in Ottawa, Ontario, our nations capital. One of my favorite aspects of this project was travelling around scouting scenes for the book. please check it out.

The second novel I published is a historical piece set in the 14th century during the Hundred years war. When i retired from the military I started a small business making traditional archery equipment with a focus on longbows. I've always had an keen interest in the medieval archer and the impact these soldiers has on history.

The book is a blending of my military experience and my research and experience in the world of traditional archery. As an aside, the research and the painstaking effort to stay within the historical period through out the narrative was what prompted me to write a more contemporary piece for my second novel. A definite must read for any medieval history buff.

I'm presently working on a non-fiction book which is tentatively called "Bowhunter School" The first volume will be sub-titled "Basic Training" and will be just that. Subsequent volumes will deal with Tree Stands and Ground Blinds, Stalking and Still Hunting, Wilderness Hunting, and Advanced Techniques. Basic Training will be available early in 2013.